Does anyone understand what was negotiated?

On June 7, the governments of Mexico and the United States issued a joint statement in relation to the agreements, or negotiated principles (it depends on which government or official is asked what was negotiated), on the migratory flows that go from Central America to Our neighbor to the north. The Mexican government, however, announced with great fanfare that the threat of the imposition of tariffs on Mexican exports to the US would have been overcome thanks to this negotiation. With the passing of days, however, it is not clear that this has been the case.

In the first place, the joint communiqué does not mention anything about the threat of the imposition of tariffs, how did the Mexican government let the joint communiqué through which the negotiation to avoid the imposition of tariffs be disclosed does not mention anything to the respect? On the same Friday afternoon, President  Trump  said, through  Twitter , that thanks to the agreement reached Mexico would buy more agricultural products from the United States. In addition, during the weekend,  Trump insisted that, in due course, Mexico would announce other agreements that were negotiated, but that have not come to public light and that would lead to cooperation between the two countries to another level.

Not only did the Mexican government take time to refute the claims of the US President, but he did it as warmly as possible. Our US ambassador,  Martha Bárcena  (who is a political aunt of the wife of  Andrés Manuel López Obrador ), gave an interview to  the CBS Face the Nation program (visibly nervous) and not only did not deny Trump’s sayings  , but said It was logical that, without tariffs, Mexico would increase the purchase of agricultural products. Which does not make sense, not imposing tariffs (that is, maintaining the commercial rules that already exist between the two countries) does not mean that Mexico needed to increase the purchase of agricultural products.

On the other hand, at the morning press conference on Monday, Foreign  Minister Marcelo Ebrard  said that negotiating teams will be seated at the table in 45 days, to evaluate the migration strategy; this in response to that  Trump  indicated on  Twitter  that the threat of imposing tariffs remains in effect and will impose them if the Mexican government does not comply with the agreement. That is, the Mexican negotiating team did not get the US government to lift its threat, it only got a 45-day extension. The serious problem is that the Mexican government, instead of neutralizing the threats that Trump’s reelection campaign  he assumes, he is buying from the US government that he is responsible for the problems on that side of the Rio Grande, negotiating accordingly.

Thus, we still don’t know what the real terms of the negotiation between Mexico and the United States were. Trump  continues to reveal little by little, through  Twitter , aspects that the Mexican government has not reported; same that are neither denied nor confirmed. Our taxes should not go to pay a strategy imposed by the US government, because, as far as we know, the expense to prevent migrants from arriving in the United States will be borne by Mexico, or what really was negotiated?

Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/06/11/alguien-entiende-que-se-negocio/.

Photo by Max Böhme on Unsplash

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