Video games have been part of our culture for some time, either by the avid players deeply immersed in these trends, always aware of a new console and games, or those who download games on their cell phone to kill some minutes while performing some other activity. Over the years, since the appearance of these games, the world has been influenced with this entertainment tool that has undoubtedly generated great profits for its creators.

It can be said that the videogame industry is today one of the most risky, since millions of dollars can be invested without any guarantee of return, as in the case of the Wii U Nintendo console, which did not even come close to the expected sales. by the company, generating millions of dollars in losses. In contrast, about 265 MDD were invested in developing the Grand Theft Auto V game        (known as GTA V); by mid-2018, close to 90 million copies had been sold, generating profits of around 6 MMDD. Derived from this, it is understood that the video game industry can be compared with the film industry, in the sense that they get to invest large amounts of money in generating the most attractive product of the moment, but there is a risk of not being well received. by the public and lose all the resources invested in its preparation.

The most successful companies in the development of the most popular video games have a particular business model, which makes use of seed capital to develop research in new technologies. Such is the case of companies like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft, which every so often release new consoles with better graphics and quality in the games. The main characteristic of these digital products is that they are expensive to create in the first instance, hence the large outlay in research. But once the technology is developed, it is virtually free to reproduce millions of copies based on the results of the research, according to the economics professor at the London School. of Economics , Danny Quah .

No doubt there are other alternative models, as demonstrated by the wave of downloadable content on mobile phones. In this sense, there are audiences that are interested in playing but that do not give as much importance to innovations in graphics and interfaces. Such was the case of Flappy Bird , a game that cost around $ 300 and came to generate 18 MDD a year during the time he stayed at the head of the most popular applications for cell phones.   

Leaving aside the financial issue, our culture has been influenced by video games for more than 30 years. Since tennis appeared  for Two , characters like Donkey Kong, Sonic the Hedgehog , and Pokémon have emerged that have become mascots and cultural icons since the nineties. Thus, between consoles, games, online multiplayer and virtual reality, nearly seven generations of video games have been developed, each with greater penetration and generating more followers. 

It is clear that an industry with such a level of impact on the daily life of people also has effects in the political sphere. For example, the 1979 Revolution game inspired by the Iranian Revolution, was cataloged as a propagandist, prompting the Iranian government to accuse one of its espionage developers. In addition to simply entertaining, they are also elaborated in order to address issues that are uncomfortable for society. Such was the case of Papers , Please , a game that focuses on showing the emotional burden of working as a customs inspector, or Oiligarchy, where the goal is to become a millionaire by destroying the environment and bribing politicians while an oil company is operating.         

Regardless of the opinions for or against these platforms, you can not deny the importance that videogames are having in society, either as a simple means of entertainment or as a tool for disseminating ideas. In this sense, the accumulation of financial power, cultural influence and even politics will give something to talk about in the near future.


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Photo by Enrique Vidal Flores on Unsplash

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