Until reality reaches AMLO

The question I ask myself after the first/third government State of the Union report is when will reality reach the President’s narrative? The President is still campaigning and still campaigning because he wants his project, MORENA, to become a hegemonic party in the long term. Surely, he recognizes that the only way that can become a reality is by not leaving the leadership of his movement. Morena is not an institutionalized party, it is a series of individuals whose only common thread, the only thing that keeps them together, is to be in the shadow of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO).

Just as the PRD vanished, after the departures of Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas and AMLO himself, because he could never manage his internal tribes in the face of the institutionalization of the party, once López Obrador’s presidency is over, Morena will remain with his internal tribes, fighting for power, without having any strong figures around which to group. Morena will disappear without AMLO.

What the President is looking for, with his narrative, is to create in the popular unconscious the idea that only Morena can change the country. It does not seek to institutionalize the party, as he did not want to do in the PRD, it seeks to generate a strong party in the PRI style of yesteryear. What AMLO does not want to see is that even the PRI itself was institutionalized as a survival mechanism. AMLO, on the other hand, sends the devil to the institutions.

This narrative that seeks to continue positioning Morena through ideas, but without content, is what seems to indicate that the President is living an alternate reality. Within this narrative, the expectations of GDP growth do not matter, downward since he took office, or criminals are asked to please behave, rather than prevent, investigate and punish. The Federal Police is denied, while the Army is exalted; which is not good in a country that has never seen or want to see a military dictatorship. And the governors of the ruling party can extend their mandate without consequences, clearly violating democracy.

Lopezobradorismo is not offering a better country version. There are no better salaries or better benefits. The cancellation of priority projects reduces the productivity (already low) of the country. The investment has stopped and although we are not already in a recession, everything seems to indicate that we will be in one in the short term. It has not been possible to contain violence; the National Guard is a project without feet or head and the government’s intention to negotiate with criminal groups is worrying.

At some point, I do not know when, reality will reach the narrative that was formed and is formed daily by the President. That day he may understand that he should have looked for the institutional path to govern the country and to make Morena a true political party, and not to have depended on his figure, on his cacicazgo.

Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/09/03/hasta-que-la-realidad-alcance-a-amlo/

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