The other conditions of the 4T for the Federal Police

The serious problem of placing unconditional in government positions, without having previous experience in the issues that they will have to dispatch, is that this lack of knowledge ends up charging them an invoice. This was demonstrated by the new Commissioner of the National Institute of Migration,  Francisco Garduño , former Commissioner of Prevention and Social Readaptation (name of the body in charge of the federal prison system) What do migratory stations have in common with the Ceferesos? In theory, they should have nothing in common.

From the 2011 reform to article 1 of the Constitution, the Mexican State undertook to respect the Human Rights of all people in national territory, that includes migrants. It is also worth remembering that irregular migration is not considered a crime in our country. Thus, migratory stations are not prisons, but centers where migrants are maintained until their immigration status is verified, their stay in the country is regularized or they are assisted for their return to their country of origin. Could it be that 4Q is seeing migrants as criminals, ignoring the obligations to which the Mexican State committed itself?

Now, it is not just the fact of making someone without experience in immigration matters the worst. In addition to criminalizing Central American migrants, through the use of the Federal Police and the Army, to curb their entry into our country, the GarduñoCommissioner   launched himself against the federal police, who complained about the unfortunate conditions in the They have to perform their duties. He told them fifteen because, according to him, they were used to staying at Holiday Inn hotels   and eating at law firms and now “… here is another condition, it is a fourth transformation.”

The different divisions of the Federal Police are responsible for the security of the country, either in border ports, in the fight against money laundering, they are responsible for the perimeter security of federal prisons, carry out intelligence functions and help in cases of natural disasters, such as in the earthquake of September 19, 2017. Federal police officers play their lives every day for Mexicans. Isn’t that enough for Commissioner  Garduño  to give them the respect they deserve? Perhaps he has not learned that the National Guard does not yet exist in legal terms and that is why the Army, Navy and Federal Police are still used in security work?

It must be the government’s job to keep the security agencies in the best working conditions, precisely because their work is related to the security of the country. Recall that “Los Zetas” were formed from defections of soldiers of special forces of the Army and were responsible for taking violence between criminal organizations, kidnappings and extortion to levels never seen before in Mexico. We want the federal police on the Mexican side, not the crime side. These types of statements not only affect those who said them, they affect the institutions, the mood of those who wake up every day without knowing if they will see their families at the end of the day or not.



Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/06/25/las-otras-condiciones-de-la-4t-para-la-pf/.

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