The Hotel Pourtalès in Paris, France, built its reputation by offering a low profile place where celebrities could stay without being harassed by the press. The great advantage that this hotel offered to these characters was the confidentiality of their facilities. For this reason models, artists, athletes and politicians chose this hotel to visit Paris.

In October 2016, Kim Kardashian stayed at the Hotel Pourtalès during a trip to Paris to attend a fashion event. They did not expect that armed men would enter the hotel and handcuff the porter. These criminals broke into the socialite’s room, who was handcuffed, and stole her jewelry. This event could have happened to any guest and, depending on the popularity of the character in question, may have been easier or more difficult to manage. Being Kim Kardashian, this crime became media worldwide.

By not having permanent risk monitoring and crisis preparedness, Hotel Pourtalès did not have links with local authorities. The mayor of Paris declared immediately after the assault that “theft is an infrequent act and takes place in a private place and does not affect the security of the Parisian public space;” that is, the problem of insecurity is not found in the city, but the event was caused by hotel omissions. Attending relationships with local authorities, especially those responsible for security, allows hotels to be informed about possible threats.   Also, being that the profile of the guests of this hotel was of highly media people, the hotel could have made strategic alliances to guarantee the security of the place in a discreet way, either with private security companies or with governmental agencies.

An adequate risk monitoring would have detected that Kim Kardashian had been posting pictures of the jewelry that she brought with her on social networks, which made her vulnerable to a robbery. Thus, the hotel could have coped with the socialite that the hotel had no capacity to guarantee their safety and that of their belongings, so she had to take responsibility. With what perhaps the private security team of Kim Kardashian had been guarding their security inside the hotel at all times. Or I would have decided to stay in a hotel with security measures more appropriate to their profile.

Even today, two years after the incident, the news is common in search engines of Internet sites. The name of the hotel is linked to theft. The hotel could not contain or control the negative exposure worldwide that caused this event.

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Photo by JOHN TOWNER on Unsplash

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