Casa de las Flores is one of the most watched Mexican productions for Netflix in recent years. No one can deny the success of the series starring Veronica Castro, who played a wife and mother turned to make his life appear perfect, although-in fact-was crumbling. Manolo Caro, producer and writer of the series, portrayed the diversity of contemporary society through bisexual, gay and transgender characters, which was not without controversy.

A scene of the series would be recorded in the facilities of a Mart store located in a shopping center south of Mexico City. However, the store manager prevented the producer from shooting this scene, the reason?The scene contemplated a kiss between two men. The manager informed the production that it would allow the recording to continue as long as the kiss was omitted.

Manolo Caro did not take long to publish a series of tweets denouncing the actions of the manager of this Mart store, which went viral, damaging the reputation of the brand that groups sports stores and gyms.Obviously, the delays in the filming of the scenes of any production mean extra expenses. Caro, in an interview with Gloria Calzada for her channel   Youtube   “Pure Glow “, commented that just for these expenses he thought about eliminating the kiss of the scene to continue with his recording program, but before a clearly discriminatory fact, he preferred to assume the cost, not to record in the Martí store and to denounce the act publicly

In the face of media pressure and activism in social networks, Grupo Martí issued a press release stating, among other things, that “This way of acting obeyed an individual decision that in no way reflects the way of thinking or the policies that Sports Martí has ​​practiced throughout the 80 years that he has been operating “and appealed to the values ​​that govern the company, such as being inclusive and free from discrimination of any kind.

There are several points to discuss and that serve as a reference to other companies so that they can manage the risks they face, especially companies that deal directly with the public and customers:

Why was it not known to the manager of one of its stores that Grupo Martí is considered an inclusive company? The values ​​of companies are not to look good on their websites or in company manuals. These values ​​have to be the framework under which the company operates. Therefore, it is essential that all employees know and operate under these values. This is a crisis mitigation strategy. However, employees have to understand that their personal convictions can not interfere with the values ​​that govern the organization.

Today, the call   pink market   or   pink money   generates millions of dollars in profits around the world. The LGBT community spends between 10% and 15% more than a heterosexual person. Industries such as sportswear and gyms benefit greatly from this increase in spending by people who identify themselves as part of the LGBT community.

For this reason, protecting values ​​such as non-discrimination based on sexual orientation should not be a whim of Grupo Martí, but should be a business strategy. It worries that the manager of one of its stores has not been trained in this subject.

But, in addition to the discriminatory act, Grupo Martí took too long to react and only did so because of the pressure exerted by social networks. Thus, not only was a crisis that could have been avoided, but there was a terrible crisis management once it broke. This caused representative figures of the LGBT community and the media to speak out against Martí Sports. Not understanding the importance of managing the risks faced by consumer companies generated a crisis that became a snowball because they did not have containment mechanisms.


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