There have always been brands that in their eagerness to be transgressors have fallen into aggressive advertising campaigns. While sex and sensuality sell, brands have not always known how far they can touch. Thus, brands such as Benetton, Tom Ford, D & G, and even PETA, have been involved in such controversies that they have had to withdraw from advertising campaigns because of the strong criticism. From that where you see a young girl in frankly sexual poses to sell a perfume, to photographs that simulate tumultuous rapes and that pretended to sell clothes.

However, it is possible that controversy and controversy represent opportunities for success when they are well taken. Such is the example of the Dutch brand Suitsupply , born in 2000. This company, with operations center in Amsterdam, specializes in men’s clothing and has been listed as one of the best stores to buy suits in -for example- New York.

One of the reasons why the brand has figured most is because of its advertising campaigns, which move between the transgressor and the politically incorrect. For example, they have shown erotic content between men dressed in suits and women in swimsuits, same-sex couples in compromising positions and, even, women dominating men. Usually, there are small groups of people who criticize their campaigns and dismiss them as being sexist; however, they have never fallen into a reputation crisis. Suitsupply has established a marketing strategy where the controversy is capitalized.

Obviously, it is not free that Suistsupply can play with the controversy. This is only possible having a deep knowledge of the brand and the values ​​that you want to project, of yourself and your clients or target market. It is worth taking into account that Suitsupply is a luxury brand, it does not aim at the mass sale of its products. In this regard, its CEO, Fokke De Jong, mentioned in an interview:

“We do not have to do it (distinguish ourselves from other brands). […] We are there for people who have to work within a system but who do not surrender to it. […] have the ‘ establishment ‘ and have us, we do things it deforms different. […] We need 50 people to be happy, we do not depend on another type of marketing. ”   

Its advertising is aimed at atypical cases within the spectrum of consumers, not the average. Therefore, activism in social networks does not affect them. That is, the consumer of Suitsupply knows the brand, it has not deceived him, the brand is transgressive and politically incorrect, and its consumers accept it. The company is congruent between the values ​​of the brand and its actions, in this case, through advertising campaigns.

De Jong, in the aforementioned interview, also explained that in the expansion of the brand, the personality of employees is compatible with the values ​​of the company. He mentioned that it is important that they are trained in technical issues, but also in the way they communicate with clients. Therefore, its employees, mainly the tailors who are in each of its stores, travel to train in Amsterdam.

The investment that this entails means that the entire structure of the company knows and acts according to the values ​​of the brand. The congruence is what has made Suitsupply successful , who already has 100 stores around the world.

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Photo by Fancycrave on Unsplash

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