Sheinbaum, preventing violence or creating fear?

he creation of the National Guard (GN) has been – for others – chaotic. Initially, the government argued that it would be responsible for supporting the public safety efforts of state and municipal governments. The former Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection,  Patricia Burgarín , mentioned in February this year, at a meeting of AMCHAM, that the Federal Police (PF) would not disappear and that only some of its elements would be transferred to the GN; However, today we see that the FP is in the process of disappearing. Likewise, the National Guard today has very different responsibilities from those of only supporting entities in security tasks.

It is worth mentioning that Article 92 of the National Guard Law states that “… the collaboration agreements signed between the Secretariat and the federal entities or municipalities will contain the contributions that, if any, they should make when the Guard National perform public safety tasks of local competence ”. A few weeks ago, elements of the National Guard were deployed in Mexico City; However, just last Friday, the Mexico City government (CDMX) published in the Official Gazette the Law of the Citizen Security System of the CDMX where it is established that the city government can establish agreements with the GN ( Articles 72 and 73). This means that before Friday there were no legal mechanisms to establish agreements between the CDMX government and the GN, Under what scheme were GN and local security agencies collaborating? Now, if it were the case that a collaboration agreement already exists, what and how many resources is Mexico City providing? By the way, Claudia Sheinbaum  already recognized, in an interview with MVS news, that there are still no agreements, are we facing an illegality?

Those are questions that could remain in the air if the work between the National Guard and the CDMX government had specific objectives and collaborative schemes that prevented or deterred the crime. However, we find that GN personnel conduct random inspections of subway users by local police. We must be very clear, random inspections do not deter crime, they generate fear in society, especially when they are carried out by the military.

These types of actions, rather than preventing crime, are aimed at positioning a candidacy for the Presidency in 2024. These are visible, but not effective, actions. High-impact crimes in Mexico City are not inside the subway cars, they are outside, when leaving the bank, when leaving the subway itself (the recent kidnapping of women), outside of schools, on primary roads such as Reforma, Periférico or Insurgentes. Inside the subway there are pickpockets and wagon sellers, and in order to attack these crimes, the National Guard is not necessary, what is needed is the will of the local authorities.

Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/08/06/sheinbaum-previniendo-la-violencia-o-creando-miedo/.


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