Security Strategy, incomplete y recycled

On May 16, the National Public Security Strategy of the Government of the Republic was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), which outlines the policies that the government will have to follow in the matter. There is, in the first place, a recurring problem in the documents issued by the federal government, in relation to their poor quality; it seems that good grammar, spelling and writing are considered “fifteenth” characteristics and, therefore, prefer not to follow the basic rules of correct writing.

However, in relation to the substance of the document, it is important to say that non-traditional threats such as cybersecurity and terrorism are mentioned. Recall that Mexico has already been subject to cyber attacks by, apparently,   North Korean hackers. Also,  Dáesh  or Islamic State threatened our country a few years ago with terrorist attacks, for being an ally of the United States and, although the threat of a terrorist attack by radical Islamist groups seemed remote, we cannot lower our guard on this front.

The Strategy indicates that the only probability of having conflicts with other countries is with our neighbors (USA, Guatemala and Belize) and, since we have no rivalries or territorial disputes, there is no real threat to our security. Thus, it ignores changes in power poles at the international level and that Mexico is not an island in the middle of the ocean, where it may be oblivious to what happens beyond its borders. Precisely because we are neighbors of the most important military and economic power in the world, the United States, we are vulnerable. A US war with China or North Korea will not recognize the border of the Rio Grande to stop attacks.

On the other hand, this Strategy would be presented as discovering the black thread. The reality is that most of the points on professionalization and homologation of police work at the national level belong to work that has been working for years within the Conference of Secretaries of Public Security and with the Executive Secretariat of the National Public Security System . It is surprising, however, that the path already traveled is not recognized and wants to make something that is not a new strategy look like. The same happens in prison matters, there is already a Comprehensive Model of Social Reinsertion, which is composed of the best international practices in the field. What is missing is political will and resources to properly implement the model.

There is one issue, in my opinion, very sensitive, the continuing attack on the Federal Police (PF) and “the orders of the civil command” that the Army has had; it would seem that the Army is good by nature, since it is “uniformed people.” Neither the PF is corrupt nor the Army is faultless, just keep in mind that foreign intelligence agencies prefer to deal with the Navy more than with the Army, because they have distrust. Thus, this strategy is focused on organized crime, does not contemplate new ideas, attacks security agencies and civilian commands and creates more bureaucracies through the formation of the Peacebuilding Council.

Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/05/21/estrategia-de-seguridad-incompleta-y-reciclada/.

Photo by ev on Unsplash

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