National Guard, a private security agency?

On March 26, the Decree establishing the National Guard (GN) was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. The decree stipulates that this new corporation will assume the responsibilities established in articles 2 and 8 of the Federal Police Law, as long as the National Guard Law is published, for which it was given a period of 60 calendar days to Congress The decree also states that this Law shall establish “the assumptions for the coordination and collaboration of the GN with the public security institutions of the federal entities and the Municipalities” and “The rules for determining the contributions of the federal entities and Municipalities when they request the collaboration of the National Guard for the attention of public security tasks of local competence ”.

Although it is established that the GN will assume responsibilities of the Federal Police (PF), this corporation will not replace it, since the PF carries out substantive actions that cannot disappear. Similarly, the Military and Naval police will not disappear, but some of these corporations will be reassigned to the GN, as will some or some of the divisions of the PF. For this reason, the main function of the National Guard will be to assist with local security agencies, to provide public security at the state and municipal levels. The GN will not be responsible for combating organized crime, but for improving the security conditions for ordinary citizens, through collaboration with local governments.

However, if this collaboration will be subject to a contribution or remuneration, it is as much as establishing the payment for the services of the GN, making it a private corporation. It is worth asking why taxes have to be used to pay security services to the federal government, when security is the main function of the State. It is clear that the vast majority of states have ignored the calls and strategies that, since 2006, the federal government has requested and implemented in order to modernize and improve its security agencies. Create a federal corporation to “collaborate” with local authorities, in public security tasks, whose responsibility lies with state and municipal governments,

What incentives will governors have to improve their security agencies, if the federal government is creating a specific corporation to provide security in their states and support public safety tasks? It will be easier to “hire” the National Guard to take over state and municipal public security, than to raise the conditions of local security agencies. Citizens would be paying, through our taxes, two or three times to the State, for public security services by “hiring” the National Guard services.



Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.

Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/04/09/la-guardia-nacional-una-agencia-de-seguridad-privada/.

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