In defense of democracy and institutions

One of the consequences of the lack of security, within democratic regimes, is that they are losing popular support when governments emanating from the polls cannot reduce the levels of violence. This may be one of the causes of loss of support or discontent with our democracy.

Social fatigue, due to high levels of crime, has resulted in violent episodes of demonstrations, not only against specific people within different levels of governments, but also against institutions. It is, in this sense, dangerous for our democracy that we are getting to socially repudiate the institutions, which are supposed to be pillars of our democracy. In the end, that is as much as repudiating democracy itself.

On the other hand, although any social manifestation starts from a specific event, it seems that we are more focused on solving those episodes than on generating profound changes. That is, although the manifestations against acts and crimes committed by public officials start from specific victims, the social requirement should not only be to solve this case, but to generate changes that allow the delivery of justice to be routine, for all, in All the circumstances.

As a society, we must seek to strengthen institutions in favor of improving our democracy, not to upset them. Going against the institutions is to shoot us in the foot. At the end of the day, the government needs the structures of the police and prosecutors or prosecutors. Let’s seek to improve their performance protocols. Requesting resignations of officials or the disappearance of institutions does not pay for the major cause of improving the delivery of justice in our city and in the country.

Institutions are not created overnight. The institutionalization of the delivery of justice is a clearly unfinished process, but it is evolving in the right direction. We would like – as a society – that this evolution of our justice system would give results in the short term. It won’t be like that. After decades living within an inquisitorial and corrupted system, there are inertias within the institutions that will take time to change.

However, we must work because the institutions are so strong that, no matter who is at the head of them, we trust their work. Reaching that level of trust happens because social manifestations put pressure in that direction. If the manifestations are aimed at finding that a particular case is solved, they may succeed, but then each time that situation is repeated, a manifestation of equal magnitude will be needed.

If as a society we are clear that the objective is to improve our democracy, through institutions that work in favor of the population, we can take much better advantage of the spontaneous manifestations that arise from specific cases, which outrage society. Let us not only seek a solution to specific cases, that our primary objective is justice for all, at all times, in all circumstances.

Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/08/20/en-defensa-de-la-democracia-y-las-instituciones/.

Photo by Jezael Melgoza on Unsplash


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