If anything has characterized the 21st century, it is economic uncertainty. Since the fatal 9/11 that shook the West and set American national security above world trade, the mortgage crisis of 2008, the recent trade war between the main economic powers and the increase of trade tariffs all over the world in detriment to global commerce, everything has taken decision makers of companies by surprise.

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In defense of democracy and institutions

One of the consequences of the lack of security, within democratic regimes, is that they are losing popular support when governments emanating from the polls cannot reduce the levels of violence. This may be one of the causes of loss of support or discontent with our democracy. Social fatigue, due to high levels of crime, has
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Bad signs for the economy

Last week, the price of the Mexican oil mix dropped to less than $ 50 per barrel, eight dollars less than budgeted in the Revenue Law for this fiscal year; However, this is one of the last signs that should put the Mexican government on alert. The Moody’s agency said just last Thursday that the lack
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Sheinbaum, preventing violence or creating fear?

he creation of the National Guard (GN) has been – for others – chaotic. Initially, the government argued that it would be responsible for supporting the public safety efforts of state and municipal governments. The former Undersecretary of Security and Citizen Protection,  Patricia Burgarín , mentioned in February this year, at a meeting of AMCHAM, that the Federal Police
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