Coneval, the next victim of Lopezobradorism?

Assistance is what the head of the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval), Gonzalo Hernández Licona ,  requested. The Coneval is the body dedicated to assessing public policies in the field of social development, that is, in reducing poverty and inequality. Last week we were able to read  Hernández Licona himself  speaking about the asphyxiating measures that the federal government has requested from Coneval to comply with his atrocious republican austerity and, most likely, will result in the Council being unable to carry out its work.

In a country with more than 50 million inhabitants living in conditions of poverty, and with a government that has said “first the poor”, it is not understood that we want to dismantle the instance in charge of telling Mexicans how we are going to fight poverty and in the improvement of the living conditions of those who have less. Public policies that are not evaluated cannot be corrected or improved, who should disappear poverty figures? To a government that does not seek to reduce these rates, but to create clientele from social programs. That is to say, it is not intended that people overcome the conditions of poverty, but that they become dependent on the support of the federal government, associated with the political party that heads it.

This is another attempt by the lopezobradorist government to attack the base institutions of our democracy. The evaluation of public policies is in the daily work of any democratic regime. Thus, the evaluation of government actions is part of the accountability of public officials and government transparency, not press conferences or reports for 100, 200 or 500 days of work of any government.

Hernández Licona  pointed out that the disappearance of the attached general directorates of the Coneval structure will mean eliminating the officials that materialize the evaluation and the substantive tasks of the institution. The attached general directorates were not whims of past administrations, as the President wanted to make public opinion believe, but they are directly responsible for the execution and implementation of public policies, as in the case of Coneval. On the other hand, losing the officials who hold these positions means – likewise – losing the most valuable of any worker, his experience and knowledge.

Although the former Ministry of Social Development, today of Welfare, issued a press release acknowledging the importance of Coneval and giving figures on the budget of the institution, does nothing to clarify the austerity requirements that the government wants to impose. The lopezobradorist government is trying to get the presidential figure back to accumulate power at the expense of the institutions that support the (perfectible) Mexican democracy. The danger is there, but – fortunately – there are people willing to fight for the institutions of the Mexican state.


Ricardo Solano Olivera, MSc.


Column originally published at https://laopinion.de/2019/07/23/coneval-la-siguiente-victima-del-lopezobradorismo/.


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