Boeing is in the international spotlight due to the accidents of B737 Max type aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia. What has caused commotion among users, regulators and the aviation industry in general.
The international press has begun to speculate if Boeing hastened to bring this plane to market, pressured by competition in the sector. The company decided to take an existing aircraft, the B737, and update all its engineering, instead of designing a new airplane, which would take at least ten years, instead of the six years it took them to get the model renewed. This is part of a new and aggressive strategy to take control of the aeronautical market in the United States.
The B737 Max software has been blamed for the accidents; however, it could be an easy way out. In this sense, investigations have been initiated regarding the consequences that the pressure to deliver orders in very short periods of time has brought to the industry due to the temptations to take “shortcuts”, and the lack of care so that aeronautical programs do not have failures
While the investigations continue, the Indonesia Garuda company has been the first to cancel an order of 49 aircraft of this type to Boeing, transaction valued at 6,000 million dollars and, although this cancellation is not definitive, the signals point to an uncertain future for the company. In addition to this, China has announced to international markets the arrival of COMCAC 919, a medium-range passenger plane that competes directly with the 737 Max, although it has yet to improve its efficiency in the use of fuels.
It is important to bear in mind that, in recent years, Mexico has captured important investments in the aeronautical industry. Thus, any impact on international markets will impact the sector in our country. The Boeing crisis will generate pressure on the production chains and all the companies that supply components for the manufacture of their aircraft. Especially the Boeing 737 Max, which can be said to be an emblem of the advance of aeronautics in Querétaro, which has been developing for 20 years.
In short, the loss of confidence of the users in the 737 Max, the suspension of flights of these aircraft, the possible cancellation of orders, the arrival of new Chinese competitors to the market and the economic slowdown in Europe, China and the United States are some of the factors that the Mexican aviation industry should take into consideration when making decisions in their business plans. The massive cancellation of orders of the 737 Max could generate big losses for the industry and for the economy of Mexico, especially for the aeronautical sector of Querétaro.

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Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

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