About Us

Riesgos Políticos is a start-up in security and political risks that was launched in 2018 with the objective of informing our clients about how they can overcome the uncertainty caused by both national and international political decisions and security conditions in Mexico.

Our Purpose

To generate timely, reliable and tailored information to our clients so that their organizations are able to make short, medium and long term decisions in accordance with national and international political and security conditions.

Our Values

  • We believe in DEMOCRACY as a form of government.
  • We base our work with HONESTY and INTEGRITY.
  • We value the DIVERSITY of opinions and ways of life.
  • We RESPECT the individuality of our clients and collaborators.
  • We BELIEVE that CONSTANT LEARNING allows us to ADAPT to global changes.
  • Our goal isto achieve EXCELLENCE with SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.


If anything has characterized the 21st century, it is economic uncertainty. Since the fatal 9/11 that shook the West and set American national security above world trade, the mortgage crisis of 2008, the recent trade war between the main economic powers and the increase of trade tariffs all over the world in detriment to global commerce, everything has taken decision makers of companies by surprise. In the book Political Risk: How Businesses and Organizations Can Anticipate Global Insecurity, Condoleezza Rice and Amy Zegart explain that the political risks of the 21st century have to do with the probability of political action significantly affecting the assets of an organization, due to its consequences in global commerce. Therefore, all political decisions impact – favorably or unfavorably – the assets of any business.

These “unexpected” events that affect the private sector are not so unexpected. Thanks to the study, analysis and permanent monitoring of vulnerabilities in the operations of a business organization, we can reduce blind spots and anticipate events. Anticipation gives us the advantage to act and make the decisions necessary to safeguard the assets of the companies.

Riesgos Políticos uses a methodology that will make your company more competitive through risk and crisis management. Only the most prepared organizations will survive the onslaught of the economy and global security. Is your organization ready?